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Just a guy fighting evil wherever I find it. I'm glad you are here to read about my adventures escaping and ultimately defeating the evil Nonhof. First time readers should start at the beginning to get a true sense of the history behind our epic battle of good vs evil. I also caution you to be careful of how you submit comments. As the saying goes; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Who knows if Nonhof is aware of this blog or not - I fear the worst.

Nonhof, perhaps you should think of that sword and its location:)

Friday, June 19, 2009

My first night

Its already friday morning - I'm having a hell of a hard time blogging as finding wireless is dificult in rural America. Right now I'm sitting outside a super 8 using their wireless.

I spent my first night in a college town (it must remain nameless) and found some college students to party with. It was a great night not to have to worry about Nonhof finding me - I'm feeling safe.

My ride to the bars
I met an interesting girl at the bars and was initially terrified as she is an English major - I was sure Nonhof had me now. All I could do is hope that maybe she hadn't got the word. As we talked I realized that she wasn't evil like Nonhof. I finally asked and she told me that she was quite familiar with Nonhof but there was a small group of independent thinkers that had broken away from Nonhof and his quest to destroy America. It was very reasurring to hear that there is group of English majors that are trying to right the wrongs that Nonhof is committing.

Having a beer at the Joynt

Outside the Joynt

My new friends below

Women just can't keep their hands off of me

- will write about day 2 later

keep the faith

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