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Nonhof, perhaps you should think of that sword and its location:)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 8

Hello again my friends. I am alive and well and getting used to this forced inactivity. I've been however using my time wisely. While researching what I believe to be my final destination, Cuba, I came across some disturbing information. One item of interest and deep concern, revolves around Nonhof's friends to the North.

We all know, unless we're complete Nonhof's (oops I mean idiots) that everyone except Americans can visit Cuba.

note: I use the word Americans to refer to those from the United States of America. I realize that this is not politically correct and is downright offensive to many, as anyone from either of the Americas is an American. I am doing this for my convenience and do not mean to insult anyone. Please accept my heartfelt apologies.

Also many people understand that Canadians in an attempt to flee their barren wasteland of a home take advantage of Fidel's hospitality. What I didn't understand is why they flock to Cuba. According to all statistics from many reliable sources my use of the word flock is a gross understatement. The reason that they go and not the fact that they go puts me at great risk if I continue in my quest to go to Cuba.

It is well known that Canadians have an inferiority complex when it comes to their next door neighbors to the south. What is not understood is that they deeply hate us. It is an all consuming hate that makes al-Qaeda's hate for us pale in comparison. You must understand that the Canadians hatred has been festering for centuries not just for decades. They flock to Cuba as it is the one place in the world that they can travel where there are no Americans. If any Canadians spot me I am dead meat. Even though Raul has promised me protection I am concerned that word will get back to that evil Nonhof and that he will use his Canadian contacts to cause me great harm.

Side note on Canadians:
Some Canadians are among the most wonderful people you could ever meet and I met one once. Her name was Amy and she was an artist.

Keep the faith.

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