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Just a guy fighting evil wherever I find it. I'm glad you are here to read about my adventures escaping and ultimately defeating the evil Nonhof. First time readers should start at the beginning to get a true sense of the history behind our epic battle of good vs evil. I also caution you to be careful of how you submit comments. As the saying goes; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Who knows if Nonhof is aware of this blog or not - I fear the worst.

Nonhof, perhaps you should think of that sword and its location:)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 4 (SD and onward)

eastern SD

The Badlands aka Nonhofville - of course they are beautiful where Nonhof has a soul as ugly as the Guatemala dump. Maybe Nonhofville isn't the best name...

Leaving SD and yet farther from Nonhof:)

Day 3 (I head for SD)

and need I say; farther from Nonhof

You are kidding aren't you - the corn palace?

I'll miss brats in Cuba:(


desparate times call for desparate measures - coors light?

time for bed

day 2 (I leave Wisconsin)

A relation to my inspirational friend Don?

Anyone want to kayak?

One state removed from the evil Nonhof

The mighty Mississippi

My humble abode

Ready to hit the road:)

Friday, June 19, 2009

My first night

Its already friday morning - I'm having a hell of a hard time blogging as finding wireless is dificult in rural America. Right now I'm sitting outside a super 8 using their wireless.

I spent my first night in a college town (it must remain nameless) and found some college students to party with. It was a great night not to have to worry about Nonhof finding me - I'm feeling safe.

My ride to the bars
I met an interesting girl at the bars and was initially terrified as she is an English major - I was sure Nonhof had me now. All I could do is hope that maybe she hadn't got the word. As we talked I realized that she wasn't evil like Nonhof. I finally asked and she told me that she was quite familiar with Nonhof but there was a small group of independent thinkers that had broken away from Nonhof and his quest to destroy America. It was very reasurring to hear that there is group of English majors that are trying to right the wrongs that Nonhof is committing.

Having a beer at the Joynt

Outside the Joynt

My new friends below

Women just can't keep their hands off of me

- will write about day 2 later

keep the faith

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 1 on the road

Where are the women? I'm at the beach looking for bathing beauties.

Look at the sign behind me - this town accurately describes my time with Nonhof - it was the pits!

Wow was that close

Yesterday at 5:15 sharp the helicopter arrived. We took off without a problem... or so I thought. Two minutes after we left rpg's were going up left and right all around us. My pilot was terrified (sadly he defecated) and headed straight for the ground (what a coward).

side note: the ironic thing is that if Nonhof's minions had studied mathematics they would have known what trajectory to use when firing on us and I would be history. Think about that Nonhof!

I escaped in a farmers field and buried myself. After awhile I dug myself out and started moving and headed for the one place Nonhof would never look for me - the CGB high school. I actually hid in his truck.

I would tell you where I ended up Tuesday night but some things are better left untold for now. Suffice to say I had fun:)

As I write this (Wed afternoon) I am safely on the road but it is somewhat bittersweet. I am going to miss the battle with my adversary. As much as I despise the politics of Nonhof I respect his cunning and will miss our battle of wits. I am safe now and can relax.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I am so ready

Well its been a trying time since I last wrote. With schools across the country getting out I've had to be especially careful. I think every English teacher in the state of Wisconsin offered extra credit to the person that found me. A plague of locusts couldn't be worse than this. His minions are everywhere; peaking in the windows, hopping the fences, and going through the trash. I have really had to lay low.

Good news though. I'm leaving tomorrow. We have arranged a helicopter to land in the compound tomorrow morning at 5:15 am to take me to safety.
side note: a sincere thank you to all who have aided me up to this point - without your help I wouldn't have made it.

Since the next phase of my life begins tomorrow I will make an effort to blog on a more regular basis.

Keep the faith